Since 2001

General Real Estate is an integrated service provider for real estate development. We take "continuously improving living quality of people" as our mission, and seek to make contributions to the industrial development and social progress.

Beijing General Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Class-1 qualification for real estate development
Standing director of China Real Estate Association
Strategic partner of the Science and Technology Development and Promotion Center under the Ministry of Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China
One of the first members of China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Housing

Build a warm home with love

We focus on urban construction all the time with the mindset of a cultivator, this is supported by our duty of responsibility.
Inspired by architecture and humanistic ideas, we concentrate on always developing business with the attitude of a craftsman.

General Real Estate was established in Beijing 2001. It has a Class 1 qualification for real estate development, with its business covering real estate development, land consolidation, investment management, construction management, overseas investment, commercial operations, property service and other fields.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of “building good houses with love” and based on each opportunity for project implementation, we provide products and services with good quality and an affordable price, while also making contributions to the urban construction and industrial development, winning the respect and praise of customers, partners and peers. We have also cultivated a talented team that is professional, rigorous, aspirational, practical and passionate.

In our development process, we take the continuous enhancement of people’s living quality as our mission and actively undertake sociably responsible projects. We have long been dedicated to the construction of policy related housing, integration of sustainable development, energy saving and environmental protection technology. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to social undertakings such as demonstration of green residential areas and healthy residential areas as well as promotion of regional economy and employment, harmonious neighbourhoods and public education.

In the future, we will work with people with the same ambition to actively participate in the grand undertaking of urban-rural development and economic prosperity. We will continue to make all efforts to make contributions to meet the demands of people for a beautiful life.