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Continuous improvement for people's life

Property operation covers rental of housing, supporting operation of commerce, industrial operation and property services, etc.

The service is intended to rental entities of houses and shops, owners of houses and shops, owners of industrial land, entities for project development, property-holding enterprises, and other customers.

  • Rental of housing

  • Commercial Operations

  • Property Services

General Real Estate Liangchao, an operation and management brand owned by Beijing General Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, is dedicated to build a comfortable, safe and warm dwelling for the middle and high income earners with the brand concept of “Accompanied by Love”.

We drive a customer-centered culture and provide high-quality and customized products. To meet the needs and hobbies of the customer group, we have launched innovative product portfolios, established strict management standards, and provided customer-oriented services. We integrate our products with services over the Internet to create a warm social pattern, enabling customer groups to feel at home.


Since establishment, the commercial operation team of General Real Estate has aspired to become “a practitioner of brand-new commercial civilization”, aiming to “make achievements for you and me with the altruistic heart” and striving to achieve win-win results for investors, consumers, merchants and developers. As for the Chengdu Lantingji Commercial Street Project, the team insists on the idea for operation based on uniform orientation, planning and investment promotion to provide full support for merchants as well as five-year operation protection for investors. The team is determined to build the project into an individual brand with distinctive features that can stand out from numerous commercial brands.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Real Estate, the General Real Estate Property Company aspires to be the best property service provider in the industry, based on the principle of "Build Your Good Nest with Love" and the mission of "Continuously Improve Quality of Your Life". We have adhered to the core values of keeping striving to make it better since one of true worth attracts admiration, and have implemented the professional, standardized and refined management to keep improving property service level and gradually establish a complete management system and service standards.


Based on the traditional property services, we are continuously exploring and innovating with the owner's needs orientated, and make full use of Internet-based methods in management to improve work efficiency. Relying on the rich corporate culture, we fully present the beautiful ecological environment and good humanistic environment, create a comfortable, convenient and warm living atmosphere, and create an excellent modern civilized residence for owners...